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Portulacaria Afra


Spekboom is the easy going succulent that has an attractive growth habit. Decrease your carbon footprint by using this lime green succulent with shiny grey or reddish brown stems in your home. Grows on rocky slopes in hot dry areas. Perfect water wise plant for your collection.


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How to care

Light: When grown outdoors the plant is quite tolerant of bright, direct light, as a houseplant bright, indirect light is best.

Water: In summer and spring, the spekboom likes to be watered well, then allowed to almost dry out before its next drink. Over winter, if temperatures are cool enough reduce watering until signs of active growth resume.

Soil: A special potting mix for cacti and succulents is a good choice for this plant. The Spekboom doesn’t like having wet feet so make sure the planter has drainage holes.


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