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Haworthia Retusa


Star Cactus” is a small, slow-growing succulent with triangluar-shaped translucent leaves. The leaves bend back and create a rosette shape as they grow.
Haworthia retusa is easily grown indoors. As it grows, it produces clumping offests. Watch for small white flowers in the Spring and Summer. It is native to South Africa, specifically a small area in the Western Cape Province. It grows naturally in low hills and rather a flat terrain. Haworthia retusa is a close relative of Haworthia turgida. The latter species is extremely similar to the former but prefers a rockier, more mountainous habitat.


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How to care

Light: When cultivated indoors, Haworthia retusa grows best in bright light. In most cases, the south, east, or west-facing window should provide an appropriate amount of light. This is not a plant that will thrive in low light environments, so if your indoor space does’nt provide enough sunlight, you should consider supplementing with a grow light.

Water: As long as it receives an appropriate amount of water and sunshine it will do just fine.

It’s common for Star Cactus to be planted in containers and grown indoors, but it’s also fine to grow outdoors if the climate is warm enough.


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