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Euphorbia Trigona Dark


Euphorbia Trigona – a tall, slender and erect succulent from Namibia. The dark green branches are three-cornered with white mottling along their entire length and short brown thorns on each ridge. Vertical ranks of spoon-shaped leaves are held on the tips of each branch, often shedding in the winter months. This is an ideal container or pot plant for both outdoors and inside the home. The Euphorbia Trigona can essentially be treated as a cactus and is a large, branching specimen that is a perfect statement plant for any home.
The African Milk Tree is a member of the genus Euphorbia and part of the Euphorbiaceae family. All of these plants exude a white sap when cut or broken. This is a sticky latex, often toxic or irritating to the skin (most cacti have clear sap, rarely irritating to the skin).
Its sap can cause serious skin and eye irritation on contact, as well as severe gastric distress if ingested. For this reason, keep them out of the reach of children and pets. Keep your eyes and skin well-protected when handling the euphorbia trigona.


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How to care

Light: Prefers bright light. Protect for direct sun may burn the plant.

Water: Keep the soil slightly moist. Do not overwater.


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