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Star Jasmine


If you are looking for a trailing shrub that gives an heavenly smell, the Star Jasmine is for you. Not only does its flowers have fragrance but it’s foliage is spectacular


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How to care

Light: full sun and semi-shade. It also grows in deep shade but will not flower as well.

Water: young plants need regular water until well established thereafter they are relatively drought-resistant and suffer little damage when watering is withheld. Potted jasmine needs to be watered regularly otherwise the leaves become pale and yellow.

Fertilizing and Pruning: feed with a balanced fertilizer in late summer, after the flowering season, to give the leaves strength and to encourage the plant to form flowers for the next season. Prune regularly to keep the plants neat and to stimulate dense growth. When planted as a ground cover, star jasmine can be cut back heavily with a hedge cutter to keep the growth low on the ground. Take care when you prune, because the stems secrete a milky substance that can be a skin irritant.


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