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Rosemary Ginger


Not just a normal Rosemary plant, this rosemary has flovours of ginger. With it’s superior scent, the leaves of the Rosemary plant are extremely aromatic, and can be finely chopped and used to flavour a variety of dishes, especially stuffing. Many cooks simply cut sprigs of rosemary and place with roasted meats, especially lamb, pork, chicken and turkey.


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How to care

Light: Rosmarinus Ginger prefers full sun when planted in a pot or in the ground.

Water: It’s a very easy-going shrub, requiring occasional deep watering, a bit of pruning if desired and very little else.

Soil: Rosemary will grow in any well-drained sandy or loam soil. It does not grow well at all in waterlogged or high clay soils.

Maintenance: Pruning or pinching is recommended for your Rosemary to grow new foliage to bush out.


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