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Philodendron Brasil


With gorgeous patterned variegated foliage, the Philodendron Brasil stands out from any crowd. Fast-growing nature and green-yellow leaf variegated heart-shaped foliage, these beauties make a huge statement when paired with deep green plants


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How to care

Light: Philodendron Brasil likes bright indirect light, as direct sunshine can burn the leaves, so placing it in a southern facing window you will have to make sure to have a sheer curtain or keep the plant farther from the window. They tolerate lower light levels, but tolerate does not mean thrive. If you want a really leggy plant with small leaves, then low light works just fine.

Water: Water these when the top couple Centimeters of the potting medium is dry, but never let them sit in water as that will lead to root rot.

Fertilizer: Feed these a mild dose of good quality, fertilizer during their growing period, and sparingly during the colder months when they aren’t growing as actively.


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