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Zebra plant


The zebra plant, which typically grows indoors, is loved for its unique dark green leaves striped with white veins. The jewel of this plant is its colorful flowers. When in bloom (which usually happens in late summer or early autumn) a zebra plant bears tall golden bracts that can reach several inches long and number between two to four per plant, lasting up to six weeks. The indoor zebra plant is a slow-growing plant, reaching maturity of a couple of feet tall in three years.


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How to care

Light: Zebra plants thrive in indirect light or partial shade. Direct sunlight causes the leaves to scorch and should be avoided. If your plant is in the full shade your plant will not bloom.

Water: Zebra plants prefer consistently moist soil, as overwatering can cause the leaves to wilt. Water your zebra plant to saturation every few weeks, allowing the water to completely penetrate the soil until it runs out of your container’s drainage holes.

Soil: A zebra plant will grow best in soil that is neutral to acidic. If a flowering plant is your goal, feed using fertilizer every one to two weeks during its growing season (spring and summer).


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