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ZZ Plant


ZZ plant is the quiet hero of nearly any Instagram-worthy houseplant collection. ZZ plant, with its wide, attractive, dark green leaves, boasts many favorable traits for offices and homes. ZZ plant tolerates neglect, is drought tolerant, and accepts low-light conditions without throwing a fit.


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How to care

Light: These versatile plants can handle bright to low light. Keep it out of direct sunlight which can scorch its leaves and cause it to brown.

Water: The ZZ plant does not like soggy soil as it will cause the rhizomes to rot. Water thoroughly and allow the top 5 cm of soil to dry out between waterings. Despite being drought-tolerant, your ZZ will be healthiest with regular watering.

Humidity: Average indoor humidity, no adjustments required.

Soil: Fast-draining medium works best to avoid root rot. Good Succulent or Cactus mix works well.
Fertilizer: Feed every 2 months with a good balanced liquid fertilizer (nitrosol) diluted by half.


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