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Vriesea Splenriet


The impressive foliage on a Vriesea is really the main draw to this plant. The Vriesea has a tall, narrow orange flower head which is why it got the common name Flaming Sword. The flowers are actually bright yellow and open off either side of the head


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How to care

The Vriesea’s do best in bright, natural light. This would be an east or west exposure. The Vriesea can do just fine in a little lower light than other Bromeliads. Not low light but medium-low. Just be sure to keep it out of any direct, hot sun as it’ll burn.

The Vriesea also known as Flaming Sword has a cup or vase in the center of the plant which catches & stores water. It also gets moisture through the foliage. The roots are primarily a method to anchor these. Make sure to always water your Vriesea in the middle of the cup.

Fertiliser: Vriesias get their nutrition from matter falling on them from plants growing above. If you think yours do, it’s best to spray the fertilizer onto the foliage & a bit into the cup.


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