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Sanseveria Pearsonii


Sanseveria Personii is a hardy, evergreen succulent. It has hard, ribbed leaves that overlap near the base, giving it a spiky appearance. It bears a tall spike of pinkish-brown flowers on and off for most of the year. The scented flowers generally open at night.


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How to care

Light: These plants appreciate a bright light area, but can survive in very low light conditions. They can tolerate low light areas to bright light areas. They can also be used outdoors in shady spaces or on a patio/ balcony and are very adaptable to most conditions.

Water: The Sanke Plant can be seen as water-wise as it does not need a lot of water. A good watering once a week will be enough. It is important not to overwater, so always feel the soil with your fingers about 5cm deep and only when it is dry water it again.


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