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Phlebodium Auream Blue Star


A fascinating and funky fern, less delicate in appearance than many of its contemporaries. The sturdy, elongated, blue-green fronds curl into non-conforming straps, spilling from the plant in a delightfully higgledy-piggledy manner. A great, undemanding houseplant, providing a perfect background for other foliage plants or to soften a dark corner.


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How to care

Light: It doesn’t require a lot of light, although it does appreciate it. Anything short of the direct scorching sun should work well.

Water: Blue star ferns naturally occur in tropical areas, they need a humid environment and constantly moist soil but will suffer if water is allowed to stand in the pot for too long. Remember, moist doesn’t mean wet!

Fertilizer: You can fertilize with some diluted liquid plant fertilizer during the growing season, once a month.


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