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Philodendron Moonlight


Philodendron ‘Moonlight’ is a beautiful plant that has bright yellow new growth that fades too green with age. Giving the plant depth of colour as it gets larger. … Lower light house plant. Happy anywhere from low to bright light, avoid direct sun. It makes a fun and cheerful gift. this is a must for any cart.


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How to care

Flower: Philodendron Moonlight has a fairly long bloom time for a Philodendron, lasting a month or more. Philodendron flower stem tends to be almost the same thickness as the main stem.

Light: Bright partial shade or indirect light will ensure a happy moonlight Philodendron. As house plants, the moonlight plant tolerates low-light conditions. But, it may become leggy and not achieve its full height or vibrant color. Never leave the plant in direct sunlight.
Water: As with all philodendrons, moonlight requires a moderate amount of water. Once the soil has become dry to about 3 cm deep, it’s time to water. Allowing the plant to sit in water leads to leaf drop and the risk of rot.

Fertilise: Any good all-purpose balanced liquid fertilizer will work well with moonlight. Applying monthly during spring and summer works best. Another option is to add a granular slow-release fertilizer once in the spring and again in late summer.


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