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Hosta Yellow Spot


Hostas are exceptionally hardy, and they grow in shade and difficult places where other flowering plants seldom flourish. To these excellent traits you can add their tropical-looking, colourful foliage and delicate flowers. Hostas began to lose popularity because of their attractiveness to snails and slugs. Unfortunately, these pests really can demolish an entire plant overnight, but if you make a little effort to control them, it is definitely worthwhile planting hostas.


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How to care

Light: Low, Indirect Light for indoors. Shade, but they don’t like to compete with tree roots so rather grow them in large pots placed beneath the trees.

Soil: rich, loamy soil.

Water: water very regularly throughout spring and summer, because the soil needs to be kept moist. Don’t water in winter when they are dormant.

Fertilise: when the plants are actively growing, feed every month using a fertilizer rich in nitrogen and potassium.

Height: During early summer the plants produce flower stems that grow up to 40 cm tall

Temperature: Hostas flourish in cool to very cold climates with lots of rain in summer.


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