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Cyrtomium Rochfordianum


This evergreen Old World fern has dark leathery leaflets suggesting holly leaves. It is an attractive coarse fern well-suited to moist shady spots in the garden or against walls. Glossy, dark green leaves closely resemble Holly leaves and are so striking that we decided to include this evergreen fern that requires moderate wintertime temperatures to thrive. Fronds can be 24–30″ in length. The leaf margins are coarsely fringed, grow thickly and quickly, and are definitely eye-catching.


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How to care

Light: Light morning sun to full shade. Great for using in shaded or woodland areas of borders or rock gardens, border for tree or shrub areas. Also, may be grown as a houseplant.

Water: In a normally warm position, these ferns do not have a winter rest period. Water them moderately enough to make the potting mixture dry out between waterings. If the indoor temperature ever falls below 12C for more than a few days, water sparingly allowing half of the mixture to dry out between waterings.


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