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Leather Leaf Fern (Rumohra)


Rumohra adiantiformis, the leather fern or leatherleaf fern, is a species of fern in the wood fern family Dryopteridaceae. It has a wide distribution, mainly in the tropical Southern Hemisphere.


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How to care

Light: Leather Leaf fern prefers a medium light position with filtered sunlight. They can survive in low light, it cannot tolerate direct sunlight, so be careful not to expose your plant to full and direct sun.

Water: These plants need regular watering to thrive, they can survive with less frequent watering after they are fully established. Do not let them completely dry out as they only have moderate drought tolerance.

Soil: The houseplant fern species can grow in loam, clay, or sand, but the soil has to be rich in organic matter, moist, and well-draining.

Fertilizer: Fertilizing the leather leaf fern with a half-strength liquid fertilizer ( Nitrosol) once a month, during the growing season, helps to maintain the color and shine of its foliage.


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