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ZamiaCaulcus Raven


The Very trendy ZZ plant is an easy to grow houseplant that thrives in just about any indoor setting. The very rare Raven ZZ plant has rich purple-black leaves that emerge as a rich green color before they mature. Unlike many other dark foliage plants it doesn’t need strong light to achieve the dark foliage colour

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How to care

Light: Raven likes bright light. The zamioculcas zamiifolia also grow fine with low levels of light, but it’s best to avoid direct sunlight.

Watering: When watering your ZZ Plant allow the soil to become dry at the top to the touch between watering and do not over water. It’s always better to water your ZZ plant less than too much because over-watering can cause stem and rhizome rot.

Soil: well draining potting mixes are key, which contains a high amount of perlite or sand within the mix. Good drainage holes at the bottom of the pot are essential to ensure that it does not have wet feet.

Fertilizer: Feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer (Nitrosol), in the main growing season which is diluted, once a month.

Humidity: Average house humidity is advised but increases humidity if the artificial heating within the home or workplace is quite dry, especially in winter months.


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