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Sanseveria Starfish


Starfish Sansevieria ‘Boncel’ plants are rare but worth searching for. They are a more compact hybrid of Sansevieria cylindrica, or snake plant, a more common succulent. The plant has fan-shaped, light green foliage with dark green concentric circles from the top to the bottom of the leaf. Young “pups” spring from the base of the plant and can be easily transplanted to propagate new plants.

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How to care

Light: It prefers bright light but will tolerate lower levels. Plant starfish in a regular succulent potting mix. Generally a houseplant.

Water: Water starfish sansevieria only when it is completely dry. As a succulent, it collects water in its leaves so overwatering may cause the plant to rot.

Fertiliser: Feed the plant once every three weeks with a general all-purpose houseplant food diluted by half.


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