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Calathea Zebrina


This variety has velvety patterned ovate leaves which are light green in color with darker green stripes, like Zebra stripes. The underside of the leaves are purple and not always visible because leaves grow horizontally (although some will curve or grow more upright). It’s a clump forming plant that produces long stalks (up to 1 metre tall) and the leaves (15 inches or more in length) sit at the top .


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How to care

Light: In its natural habitat the Calathea dwells in forest areas shaded by trees without direct sunlight, which is why a bright but shaded spot within a warm greenhouse or conservatory suits them very well. Anywhere else indoors just needs to be bright without direct sunlight.

Water: During the growing season water, the plant thoroughly and keep the soil moist (remember this plant loves moisture). When it’s winter growing slows down or stops, reduce watering and you can allow the topsoil to become slightly dry between each watering. If you can – use tepid rain or distilled water and avoid cold hard water.


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