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Alocasia Portodora (Elephant Ear)


The giant green leaves of the Alocasia are held upright by strong purple stalks. This is truly an architectural specimen plant for any plant collection. Impressive in a large pot, or as a focal point in the garden this is a multi talented plant that will leave you with endless enjoyment.


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How to care

Watering: Alocasia’s likes their soil moist, so check once a week and water if the top of the soil feels dry. Cut back in winter be careful to not overwater.

Light: Bright indirect sunlight. Those giant leaves like a lot of light. The more the better, so give her the brightest spot in your home.

Humidity: They like a lot of moisture in the air. The bathroom is a great home, or mist leaves every few days.

Tip: If you notice ‘sweating’ water droplets on the leaves, it might be that you’re over-watering. Alocasia’s sometimes gets rid of excess from their leaves.


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