Plant delivery from Imbali: Convenient home greening

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Are you a budding plant lover or wanting to branch out your plant collection? Imbali plant subscriptions are here to revolutionise and green your world. With the ease of an online sign-up system, you can enjoy the convenience of our plant delivery service. Expand your plant knowledge, transform your spaces and start exploring your new favourite plant themes.

Grow new traditions and enjoy a monthly plant delivery

Nurturing a love for plants is fast becoming popular — not only for aesthetic reasons but for the benefits of having calmer green spaces. And now with the advent of shopping moving online, why shouldn’t shopping for plants be easy as one click away? We are here to share the joys of gardening with new and expert gardeners across South Africa with our simple plant delivery service. Through our plant subscriptions, you enjoy the ease of signing up and selecting your favourite plant theme expertly prepared and shipped straight to you every month.

Our plant delivery system and how it works

We have five themes to choose from — the Proudly SA Box, the Flowering Plant Box, our Roses Box, a Succulent Box, and an Indoor Plant Box. Each plant package includes a carefully selected in-season plant of your chosen category every month, as well as a care product. All you do is follow our sign-up system, select your favourite theme and pay a monthly fee, and leave the rest to us! Delivery costs get included in your monthly payment and you are free to opt-out of your subscription at any time. One less thing to worry about so you can focus on curating and greening your home and garden.

Subscription themes

Proudly SA Box

plant delivery

Unbox the theme: Celebrating all things ubuntu, indigenous and homegrown in our beautiful land, the Proudly SA box aims to educate and promote national pride. We hope to encourage interest in all things local and engage our plant lovers with a keen insight into our local biomes and the plants that thrive right here at home.

What’s included: Envision a surprise containing two delightful 17cm Aloe Porcupine plants, a growing material like palm peat, vegetable seed and a growing pot. What will be in-store for our patriotic plant parents with the deliveries to come? Just wait and see!

Flowering plant box

plant delivery

Unbox the theme: Transform your spaces inside and out with a blooming bundle from Imbali. The Flowering Plant Box aims to provide an in-season colourful flowering plant every month. Paint your garden with this colourful palette option, which is sure to spread hues and pops of colour everywhere during the course of your subscription.

What’s included: A beautiful bloom — perhaps a 19cm Hydrangea Endless Summer Pink, paired with 500g of hydrangea food and a 100g Hydrocache water retainer. Be prepared to set your garden aflame with bursts of bright and beautiful blooms.

Roses Box

plant delivery

Unbox the theme: For lovers of the romantic and classical, we are here to present a theme to excite your senses with unique fragrances and gorgeous colours. The Roses Box makes sure you feel like it’s February 14th every month of the year with a delivery of roses just for you or a loved one. 

What’s included: A package containing a divine plant, possibly a 17cm Nelson Mandela Rose, a handy pair of olive gardening gloves and a set of quality hand secateurs. Don’t be surprised if you become a pruning pro and the talk of the town with your gorgeous rose garden. 

Succulent Box

Unbox the theme: Enter the world of succulents. Learn about their incredible ability to store water in their thick stems and survive in arid regions — earning them the title of crowd favourite amongst plant lovers. Enjoy low-maintenance and the exotic elegance that comes with our Succulent Box.

What’s included: Imagine a delivery of three enchanting Echeveria Succulent plants, an accessory like a gardening spade and care cards that explain how to care for your plants. Watch your home and garden transform into an oasis, which is sure to mesmerise and captivate admirers throughout your subscription.

Indoor Plant Box

Unbox the theme: Reduce stress levels, boost your mood and enjoy the escape provided by an urban jungle? Yes, please. The Indoor Plant Box provides a great way to expand your growing plant knowledge while spreading a calming environment throughout your home. 

What’s included: Think of a fun package including a fabulous 15cm Philodendron Pink Princess, a lovely Lintindzi Hand weaved basket and a clever hand size toolset.

Unbox joy monthly with a plant delivery

Think you have a favourite theme now? Put your selection to the test and choose your best subscription for an exciting monthly plant delivery. For any questions, explore our FAQ’s section at the bottom of our information page or contact us.