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indoor plants online

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indoor plants online

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Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow

Providing you with all things green and gardening, with something for the amateurs to the garden gurus. We are here to set root for South Africa’s budding online gardening community, prune back the hassles and reap the rewards with shared trending gardening tips.

Our ever growing online shop of indoor plants is here to set bloom to your plant collection — from sweet succulents to our sensational collector’s selection. While we aim to green your home, we also work towards branching out to uplift our suppliers, from home growers to farmers, in local communities.

indoor plants online

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Give your home a ‘green-over’ with a gorgeous diverse range of indoor plants. Whether you want to adorn your tabletop or make a statement feature in a room, get inspired and discover the possibilities.

indoor plants online

Gardening tips

Caring for your Calathea

If you are an avid plant collector you have heard of the Calathea and how precious they are. Calatheas are famous indoor plants for offices and shops because of their

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