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Caring for your Calathea

If you are an avid plant collector you have heard of the Calathea and how precious they are. Calatheas are famous indoor plants for offices

The Perfect Patio Garden

Do you have a challenge with space? Maybe your indoor space is filled with plants or you only have a balcony or patio to do

The Value of Soil

Indoor plants are more than just appealing home accessories. Palms, spider plants, orchids … Our green roommates lend a cozy atmosphere to decorate our rooms.

Caring for your Strings

Let’s get into the string of things, if you are looking for an easy to care rewarding houseplants the Senecio Strings are for you. They

Fertilising your plant babies

Being a houseplant parent can be confusing at times! Unlike human babies, houseplants don’t cry when they’re hungry. Instead, they respond to their environment in

Watering your plants in spring

As the season changed from winter to spring, so did your indoor plants’ needs. Because indoor plants generally go dormant in the winter, they are