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Imbali, always in style

Imbali strives to make South Africa a greener country. We aim to bring you unique quality products we are very proud of  — from South Africa, for South Africans. With our collective knowledge and expertise, we want to help and support your gardening experience, ensuring you get the most out of our products.

Since early 2020, we share our love for bespoke plants with a community of plant enthusiasts we wish to see expand. We work very closely with our surrounding local farmers, people working from home and soon, extending our team of growers to rural gardeners. Our dream for Imbali is to teach South Africa’s people about plant culture by sharing tips and tricks we have learnt along the way. We want to curate and instil a greener, healthier culture amongst homes, schools and workplaces, so that we may all grow together and benefit from a shared passion and lifestyle — through plants and gardening. What better way to do this than provide a platform to bring locally grown products to a virtual platform and allow customers the convenience to buy plants online.

Giving back to our growers is a central part of our mission by providing resources for them as well as sustainable business. We outsource and buy back the products to support and uplift local workers and households. By educating our team and patrons on how to care for plants, we hope to instil a responsibility towards the environment and a sense of reward when their plants start to flourish.

Imbali is Zulu for blossom, flower or rose. Our dream is taking root, sprouting and blossoming into something beautiful. Join us on and help make South Africa a greener homegrown place.

Sowing the seeds of change today

To provide plant lovers with a green serene happy place, by inspiring South Africans to welcome plants into their lives with an easy and accessible resource to buy plants online. We strive to have healthy thriving plants, strong customer relationships and prove our commitment to community involvement through example.

Reaping the rewards for tomorrow

By providing an accessible platform for our customers, neighbours and staff to source and buy plants online. We hope to inspire anyone and everyone to embrace their inner plant lover. May we work towards encouraging present and future generations to enjoy the benefits of observing nature right at home, and develop the amazing bond between humans and plants.